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Welcome to our webpage. Petals & Buds Spiritual Classes and Fairy & Angel Workshops are held from our property at Hansborough (near Eudunda), South Australia. A picturesque and easy drive from Adelaide through the gently rolling hills of the Mid North, South Australia. Enjoy the breathtaking country vistas along the way, and perhaps grab a lunch from one of the fine local country cafes and bakeries in Kapunda and Eudunda. We are a 30 minute drive from the Barossa, 15 minutes from Kapunda, 30 minutes from Gawler, an 1 1/2 hours from Adelaide.

We also have a small but perfectly formed little caravan park here at Eudunda. So you could stay for a week, for example and do one workshop on Saturday, then join in on the weekly spiritual workshops on Monday to Friday and then finish with another Saturday spiritual Workshop ( I will give a good discount for combined bookings). My Husband runs the local cafe so we offer 10 percent discount on Cafe Curries & Meals and Delicious Free Trade Coffees at Good Karma Cafe Eudunda to all workshop participants. There are also lots of great places to go from here on day trips.

Alternately for those who don’t live close by, I offer all my classes and workshops conveniently on Skype ( Paypal payment or Direct Deposit). For a great one-to-one workshop experience. $220 for 3 hour workshops & $40 for 3 hour weekly one-to-one general spiritual classes.

Spiritual Workshops in Person or on Skype

You are welcome to come and enjoy one of our morning workshops or to combine a Saturday (or Thursday and Friday) double workshop experience on one day with lunch supplied in between (various workshops available).

These Classes are also now available on Skype for people unable to visit here or who live interstate or internationally. Email me for Skype info.

Time: Thurs, Fri or Saturday morning for 3 hours 10.30- 1.30pm

Petals & Buds New Seasons 3 hour Spiritual Workshops:

  • All About the Fairies in Your Garden and How to talk to the Plants and Fairies in your garden $220
  • All About Angels and how to use them in your life, for miraculous life improvement $220
  • Signs in nature and your life and how to interpret them $220
  • The Law of Attraction in Action, Using Your Words, Intent & Emotions to Create Good in Your Life $220
  • How to use Angel Divination Cards for guidance and reassurance (bring a friend all in the one class price of) $100
  • Using Love as a Spiritual Tool to Change your Life $220
  • Finding Your Life Purpose/Purposes $220
  • How to Create Miracles and Blessings in Your Life $220

Weekly Spiritual/Metaphysics Classes in Person or One-to-One on Skype

For locals in the Eudunda, Kapunda, Gawler, Barossa, Adelaide mid North Areas we offer a weekly spiritual development Class/Group held on Thurs,Fri or Sat mornings for 3 hours.

Topics include : Life purpose, spiritual enlightenment, life lessons, law of attraction, the power of your spoken word, metaphysics, life purpose, past lives, angels, working with angel cards,angel signs, psychic development, soul development, creating miracles, working with your intuition, understanding the ‘signs’ in your life,understanding the patterns in your life, meditation etc.

Made to gradually teach you how to practice spiritual enlightenment and how to bring in the qualities of your Higher Self and how to apply them in a practical way to an everyday life.

A fun, informal and conversational way to learn new age principles with fun & practical examples given as to how to apply them to your own life.

Learn how to create daily ‘miracles’ in your own life by working with your angels and listening to your intuition. Using your words, thoughts and intentions to create a life you love to live.

When you work with Angels you work with God!

duration – 3 hours
time – 10.30-1.30 am on Wed,Thurs, Fri or Sat mornings (or others by appointment).
cost – $30 ($25 pensioners)

one-to-one on Skype weekly class – $40  for 2 hours, email me for details and appointment bookings.

***Children under 16 free or charge, you are most welcome to bring your children with you! They can play in the garden, I hold half of my lessons in the garden to enjoy nature’s benefits. Children also really benefit from the knowledge of angels and how to work with them***

My new ‘Fairy Sparkles’ Book

Can you use Metaphysics to make your life Better?
Sarah Rajkotwala gives a detailed description of all the spiritual lessons she discovered in her earlier life. Describing a how a normal person can use metaphysics principles in an everyday life, using story examples from her own life, as to how these principles can be used and applied in a practical and fun way. One woman’s journey towards consciousness.

Effie-300dpi-3125x4167(1) paperback cover latest
Fairy Sparkles book available from Amazon and all good online bookstores.

You can purchase it from this link :
on Amazon, plus it is available from the Book Depository, Ebay and all good online bookstores –

My Real Life Fairy Book

‘The Year of Talking to Plants’

For those who are interested in how to communicate with your plants and learn more information about fairies. My book ‘The Year of Talking to Plants’, by Sarah Rajkotwala author, is available to purchase now.

What would you do if you could talk to the plants? What would you say to them? What would they say to you? The author describes her first year of talking telepathically to her garden and then later on to a fairy and takes us on a journey into the mysterious and joyful world of the fairy realm.


You can purchase it from this link :
on Amazon, plus it is available from the Book Depository, Ebay and all good online bookstores – http://a.co/cKiKZdg

My New Book ‘Conversations With My Vegetable Garden’

What would you do if you could talk psychically to plants? What would they say?

In this her third spiritual book Sarah journeys this time into the spiritual world of the vegetable garden. Are vegetable plants conscious? If so what do they think of us and talk about? If you could have a conversation with them, what would they say? What do vegetable garden fairies do and what do they think of the way we garden? A fascinating read into the private life of your vegetable garden and the fairies that reside in it.

You can purchase this book through this link to Amazon, also available from Book Depository, Ebay and all good online bookstores – https://www.amazon.com/Conver…/dp/B08RB2HRGB/ref=sr_1_1…


Our Address – Mid North, South Australia, 5374

Phone – (08) 85811882

Email – petalsandbuds@internode.on.net


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